Connect my consol (PS4, Xbox, Switch...)

You're staying at an establishment equipped with Wifirst and would like to connect your console to our network.

A WIFI network operated by Wifirst may welcome all devices able to connect to the internet with a web browser.

The current main consoles (Xbox, PS4, Switch) now have this feature.

1/ Open your web browser on your console : Xbox, PS4, Switch.

2/ connect on www.wifirst.net

3/ complete the form 'Username/email" + "Password" or "connection code" (the connection mode may vary depending on the establishment you're staying at)

4/You are now connected and can dedicate yourself to your passion !

Useful hints: depending on your residence, you can connect one or multiple devices simulaneously with your subscription/offer.

We recommend that you check the pack you have subscribed to directly from your Customer area or by checking your invoice that you've received by mail when you subscribed.

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