Solve a slowness of connection

You notice an internet connection degradation. preventing your from having an optimal service usage (web surfing, gaming, video and music streaming).

Wifirst makes sure to set in place a balanced bandwidth distribution amongst all users with the use of an efficient algorithm, updated daily based on network usage.

The connection method used by the establishment in order to connect to the internet may as well account for the quality differences.

To ensure an optimal connexion, please make sure that no "ressource-intensive" programmes are eating up your bandwidth, notably Peer-to-peer softwares (such as Bittorrent, BitTorrent, µTorrent…).

Closing these programs might allow a better, faster internet connection.

If no programs seem to be responsible for your slow internet connection, we invite you to try the following tests :

- try your internet connection with different devices if possible ( smartphone, tablet, computer..) to make sure it's not an issue with the device you're using.

- if it's not the case, we invite you to run a speedtest in order to determine your internet speed by going on http://www.speedtest.net, take note of your download speed, and upload speed.

- once that done, we invite you to contact one of our support agents on the 01 70 70 46 26 ( available 24h/24 & 7d/7). 

They will run detailed checks on your connection and assist you with ways to improve the quality of your service.

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