Cancel my subscription

You would like to cancel your Wifirst pack/subscription, depending on the subscription you took, your request for cancellation may be carried out in two ways :

You have a liberty or limited subscription ( without engagement ) ?

Connect to www.wifirst.net at least 10 days before your desired cancellation date.

Click on "customer area" / "my account"

Click on "My subscriptions"

Click on "Unsuscribe" and select with the help of the calendar, the effective date of cancellation for your subscription.

Confirm the selected date and click once more on "cancel"

Useful hint : in "My subscriptions" the cancellation date you've selected is automatically updated.

If you wish to change or cancel your request for cancellation, contact one of our support agents on the 01 70 70 46 26 (7d/7 & 24h/24) to modify your choice.

You have a fidelity pack ( with engagment ) ?

If you wish to cancel your subscription after the end of your engagment, you may use the procedure described above.

You may as well request the cancelation of a subscription with engagment  in anticipation of a case of moving out, financial difficulty, hospitalisation or decease.

In order to do so, we invite you to send us an email at care@wifirst.fr containing the following information : name / last name / email address associated with your account.

The motive of your anticipated cancelling request must be indicated: we ask that you send us an official justificatory allowing the validation of your request.

The cancellation will take effect within 10 days after reception.

In both cases, we automatically proceed with a refund ( prorata temporis ) of the subscription amount already debited.

This refund will be carried out (except requested otherwise) directly to the credit card initially debited.

Useful hint : if you're no longer in possession of the credit card used for the initial payment, or if said card has expired, we will proceed to a refund by cheque, in which case, we ask that you kindly provide us with your new valid postal address in order to facilitate the procedure.

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