Connecting a games console (PS4, Xbox, Switch, etc.)

You are staying in a Wifirst-equipped building, and would like to connect your games console to our Wi-Fi network.

A Wi-Fi network operated by Wifirst is compatible with devices that can connect to a web browser.

The main consoles on the market (Xbox, PS4, Switch) offer this feature.

1/ Launch the console’s browser: PS4, Xbox, Switch

2/ Visit www.wifirst.net

3/ Fill in the “login/email” + “password” or “login code” fields (the login method can vary depending on the location in which you are staying).

4/ You’re now connected – ready, steady, play!

Top tip: depending on your building, you can connect one or more devices simultaneously with your package/subscription.

We recommend you check the offer that you have purchased, either directly by visiting your Wifirst customer area or by checking the bill that was sent to you by email when you purchased your package/subscription.

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