Connect multiple devices simultaneously

You would like to connect multiple devices ( smartphone, computer, tablet...) to the Wifirst network with the same Login or connection code.

Depending on the establishment you're staying at, you may connect one or more devices simultaneously with your subscription.

We recommend that you check the pack you have subscribed to directly from your Customer area or by checking your Invoice that you've received by mail at the moment of your subscribed.

If your pack allows you to connect a minimum of 2 devices simultaneously :

1/ Connect each of your devices to the WIFI network of your residence, in doing so, you will automatically be redirected to our connection portal.

2/ Once connected on our portal, fill in the "Login/ email" + "password" or "connection Code" fields.

3/ Do the same thing on each device you want to connect.

Useful hint : once your reach the maximum number of devices allowed with your subscription pack, the system will automatically disconnect the first device you connected to our network.

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