Contacting the Mediator for Electronic Communications

The Mediator is an independent third party whose role is to help both parties involved in a dispute to come to an agreement.

Because your satisfaction is our priority, in the event of a disagreement, Wifirst recommends that, after you have contacted all of the internal departments at your disposal, you contact the Mediator for Electronic Communications.

How to contact the Mediator

First check that your request is admissible.

Before contacting the Mediator, you must make sure that you have contacted Wifirst’s own internal departments:

Address your complaint to your usual customer services department.

If you are not satisfied with the response or if you do not receive a response within a month, contact the Wifirst Consumer Department in writing at the following address:

Wifirst Consumer Department:

26 Rue de berri, 75008 Paris, France

If you do not receive a reply to your letter to the Consumer Department within a month or if you do not receive a satisfactory response from either department, you can contact the Mediator by filling out the contact form directly on www.mediateur-telecom.fr.
You can find out all about mediation and the electronic communications mediator on the official website, www.mediateur-telecom.fr.
Note: For any disputes regarding online service or sales contracts, including cross-border contracts, you can also use the European Union alternative/online dispute resolution platform.

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