How do I use my connection code?

Accessing your building’s Wifirst network with a login code couldn’t be easier.

First, make sure you’re connected to the building’s Wi-Fi/wired network.

Long-stay portal:

When the Wifirst portal appears, log in using the email address and password you used when creating your account.
Make sure to enter your password, not your login code!

However, if you are not automatically redirected to the portal, enter connect.wifirst.net in the search bar

You can then enter the login code (8 upper-case characters).

To finish, click “Sign in” to activate your internet connection.

The code is now linked to your account, and you won’t be asked to enter it in the future.

Short-stay portal:

If the login portal is as shown in the image below:

Make sure you’re connected to the local Wi-Fi/wired network.

When the Wifirst portal displays, enter the code you were given (8 upper-case characters).

If the portal doesn’t appear, enter portal.wifirst.net in the search bar.

Then click “Sign in” to activate your connection.

If you have a code that allows you to connect more than one device, you will need to repeat this step for each device.

Feel free to contact our customer service team if you’re having problems logging in to Wifirst after following these steps.

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